The Benefits Of Getting An Infusion For Severe Arthritis Symptoms

Posted on: 26 August 2021

Severe rheumatoid arthritis can make daily life challenging. Simple tasks like grasping a pen or hanging onto a steering wheel to drive can cause you immense pain. Even walking or trying to sit down to rest can result in sharp pain in your back and joints.

When traditional arthritis treatments, such as over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers, do little to nothing to ease your discomfort, it may be time for you to consider alternative treatments. Your foremost option could be to undergo an infusion to treat your severe rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Minimally Invasive

When you opt for infusion rheumatoid arthritis treatment, you avoid having to go through invasive and extensive surgery. In fact, an infusion for arthritis is minimally invasive. It only involves the placement of an intravenous line in your arms or wrist to deliver the medication directly to your bloodstream.

Once the treatment is over, you avoid the extra burden of cleaning stitches or worrying about an incision bursting open. You may only need to wear an adhesive bandage over the site where your IV line was placed for a few days or until any bleeding has stopped.

Fast Results

An infusion for rheumatoid arthritis can also deliver relatively fast results. The infusion itself may need to be repeated every couple of weeks. However, after the first infusion, you may experience substantial relief from your symptoms within a month, if not faster.

The pain relief that you get from an infusion can take effect faster than if you were to take prescription medications for your symptoms. Prescribed medicines may take a couple of months, depending on the severity of your disease, to relieve most or all of your discomfort. An infusion may allow you to get back to your normal routine faster.

Longer Lasting Effects

Finally, an infusion can provide relief that lasts for months. You may have longer-lasting relief than if you were to take a prescription medication. In fact, you could build up a resistance to prescribed pain medicines and need to be switched to a stronger one to find relief. An infusion can ease your symptoms for longer without you having to rely on medicines that can wane in effectiveness and carry with them the risk of dependency.

An infusion for rheumatoid arthritis can provide the long-lasting relief that you need to live better. It is minimally invasive and can take effect relatively quickly. To learn more, contact a clinic like Idaho Arthritis Center.