Three Things That You'll Do At A Sober Living Home

Posted on: 7 August 2023

If you're thinking about moving into a sober living home after you achieve sobriety from an addiction, you might wonder about what this environment is like. These homes can vary a lot, but one thing that they often have in common is the activities in which you'll take part throughout the day. Sober living environments are highly structured, and many people find that they appreciate this structure in their lives because it provides a healthy alternative to the lack of structure they experienced during their addiction. Here are three things that you'll often do when you live at a sober living home.

Group Sessions

It's common to attend regular group sessions when you reside in sober living. The size of these groups can vary. Sometimes, you'll be participating with just a few peers, but other group sessions may involve everyone from the home. Group sessions are a good chance for people to share their stories and receive encouragement from the group, similar to the group gatherings that you may have attended when you were trying to get sober. When you're new to a sober living environment, these sessions can be a good way to get to know your fellow residents.

Individual Counseling

Many sober living homes also give you the ability to have individual counseling as you attempt to strengthen your sobriety. This can be a challenging time, especially if you battled your addiction for a prolonged period. Sitting down regularly with a counselor and discussing how you're feeling can help you to feel a high level of support during this part of your sobriety journey. Your counselor will not only listen and empathize with you, but will also share a variety of strategies that you may find helpful in the time you spend at the home and even after you leave.

Household Chores

You can also expect to participate in a number of household chores during your stay in sober living. Chores provide accountability and help to keep you busy. A lot of people take pride in their chores and appreciate the structure that this work provides. Typically, you'll get a chore schedule and be required to spend a certain amount of time each day completing these chores. You'll do some of them on your own, and others with one or more peers. To learn more about how you'll spend your days in this environment, contact a sober living facility in your area.