Information On Hernias And The Importance Of Hernia Repair

Posted on: 6 January 2023

If you have a hernia, then it is important for you to go in to see the doctor and have it checked out. A hernia is a condition in which there is part of an organ or intestine comes through the muscle wall. In many cases, the most obvious sign of a hernia will be a bulge that can be seen and/or felt beneath the skin. You can learn more about hernias and the importance of hernia repair when you continue reading the information on hernias detailed below. 

The signs of a hernia 

While the most obvious sign of a hernia is that protruding bulge, it isn't the only one. A hernia can also cause additional swelling and it can be extremely painful. A hernia can cause someone to feel different kinds of pain, from a sharp stab to a throbbing feeling. It's also common for someone with a hernia to feel an ache when lifting, even when they aren't experiencing pain at other times. These pains are usually felt in the abdomen, pelvis, and testicle areas. 

When you would need surgery

There are cases when small hernias might not need to be surgically repaired immediately. One thing you should understand is that hernias do grow, so even if your doctor doesn't see a reason for hernia repair now, you will likely need it in the future. A small hernia may not cause you many problems. However, as it gets larger, your situation will become worse. An untreated hernia can cause the strangulation of tissues. Some signs that your situation is critical can include nausea, fever, a dark-colored bulge, and severe pain. When things get to this point, you would likely need emergency surgery.  

The benefits of an early intervention

You shouldn't wait for things to get serious before having your hernia repaired. When your doctor suggests it's a good time to have it repaired, this can save you from experiencing the symptoms described above. Also, when you have a scheduled surgery, things will feel much less stressful than facing emergency surgery. You also have time to plan for things when you have the surgery done in a planned manner. You can figure out rides, child care, and time off work while you recover. There will also be a decreased chance of risks when you have the hernia repaired sooner. The healing process may also be easier.

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