Taking Care Of Your Patients: How Your Medical Clinic Can Benefit From Drug Testing Labs

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Some physicians are able to provide care to their patients without the help of a drug lab. However, doctors may find that partnering with a drug testing tab may actually help them provide better treatment to their patients. Here are three ways partnering with a drug lab may be able to help you and your clinic:

Initial Screening of a Patient's Background

When you receive a new patient, especially one that is complaining of chronic pain, how do you deal with him or her? You need to provide adequate care, but you also want to make sure that your patient doesn't have a history of drug abuse or addiction. In addition to speaking to your patient and receiving as much medical history as possible from them, you may want to take a sample of their blood and urine to send off to a lab for testing. This will help you determine whether the patient is currently abusing any drugs. You will be able to weed out illegitimate patients and provide care to those who truly need it.

Enhanced Care and Comfort of Your Patients

In some cases, you may have patients come into the office and tell you that they aren't getting adequate relief from the pain medication that you have prescribed them. It is hard to know whether a patient is telling the truth or not since you cannot be inside their head. However, there is a way for you to see whether or not the patient could be telling the truth: a lab test. Tests can be conducted to help show how a patient's body reacts and metabolizes a certain medication. This helps you determine whether the drug is or is not properly working. You can then either increase the dosage, if necessary, or find a new drug that maybe better suited for the patient. The last thing you want is for your patient to be in pain all the time.

Forensic Services

In today's lawsuit-happy world, it is important that you be ready to tackle any lawsuits that may come your way. It isn't uncommon for physicians and their clinics to be sued for neglect. This could range from failing to provide the best possible treatment for a particular patient to failing to prevent drug abuse or addiction. By working with a drug testing lab exclusively, you will have adequate records that will be able to help disprove any claims against your clinic. This will ensure your assets as well as your reputation are protected and maintained. 

If you think these things could offer value to your medical clinic, it may be time to speak to a lab testing service to see what type of partnership could be developed.